Special products for personal care

Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our experts we have developed several product lines with special formula for effective personal care

SKINCONTROL Anti-Wrinkle with H3 Complex®

Petit Coeur Antiwrinkle Solution

SKINCONTROL Rejuvenating serum

Silky serum for rejuvenating skin and reducing the effect of fine lines and wrinkles

Price: 170.00 HRK (VAT incl.)

SKINCONTROL Nourishing Night Cream

Give your skin the nourishment it needs to regrow and replenish.

Price: 180.00 HRK (VAT incl.)

SKINCONTROL Lifting Day Cream

Give your skin a soft foundation that perfectly lifts and tightens fine lines.

Price: 180.00 HRK (VAT incl.)

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