Realize your idea and create a new product

When developing new products, we take a holistic approach - from formula to production and market testing. We believe our customers should have a product that is truly competitive in today's environment and keep up with all of the latest technology in the field.

Cosmetics for home and professional use

Our team excels at always finding new and innovative combinations of the purest ingredients. We have developed private label formulas for countless satisfied customers, and would be happy to make your ideas come to life.

Food supplements

Our nutrition specialists have dedicated their lives to understanding the human body as best as possible. We strive to include all of the relevant new research when making decisions on how to help people in their every day lives with food supplements they can trust.

Drug development

Led directly by Zdravko Dokuzovic mr.pharm, this branch of Pharmaceutica deals with pharmaceutical active ingredients and the different dosage forms they may take. We have successfully patented many great ideas along with our partners that have made a global impact on the way pharmaceuticals help us every day.


Do you want to develop a line of innovative products?

Food supplements

You have an idea for a dietary supplement with a new formula?

Drug development

Do you want to develop a drug safe for use and prepared for market?

Contact us for any specific requests, even if it does not fall directly within these categories

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